Expect Great Internet

We believe in the transformative power of a great internet experience – it has the ability to improve communication, elevate digital experiences and simplify people’s lives. It’s why we won’t just upgrade your internet. We’ll give you Internet Peace of Mind.

permission to install

Sign Installation Approval

First step in your installation process is to complete the Installation Approval Form, giving Wander permission to complete the setup of your Wander Internet. We hate paperwork and like saving trees, which is why we have made this step super simple – one click sign off. 


Technician will meet you and assess the best location for your Wander Wavelink and Wander Homelink.

Wander Installation Process


Wander Wavelink will be affixed on your balcony or, if needed, on the roof of the building without any roof penetrations.


Technician will discuss exact placement of your Wander Wavelink before performing any work and then run a cable connecting the Wander Wavelink to Wander Homelink.

Congrats! you're online.

Connecting Your Devices

Once installed, technician will finish the installation with tests for optimum performance and help you connect all of your devices to your new Wander Network. Free of charge!