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Expect Great Internet

We believe in the transformative power of a great internet experience – it can improve communication, elevate digital experiences, and simplify people’s lives. It’s why we won’t just upgrade your internet. We’ll give you Internet Peace of Mind.

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During your appointment, the technician will assess the best location for your Wander Wavelink and Wander Homelink devices.

Wander Installation Process
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step 2

Technician will discuss exact placement of your Wander Wavelink before performing any work and then run a cable connecting the Wander Wavelink to Wander Homelink.

Wander Wavelink will be affixed on your balcony or, if needed, on the roof of the building without any roof penetrations.

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Once installed, technician will finish the installation with tests for optimum performance and help you connect all of your devices to your new Wander Network. Free of charge!

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So How Does This Work?

Wander requires that you have one of our routers because of the custom hardware and software (built into each router) to maximize the speed and reliability of your connection. That said, you can plug another router into our router to provide Internet access throughout your home. We have customers using mesh solutions such as Google Nest and Orbi to do just that.

We are not providing self set up at this time. We need to set up a device to ensure it has a line of sight to Wander smart network to receive wireless internet service. One day soon, we hope to provide full wireless deployment, but currently, we send a technician to set up the device and ensure the best customer experience possible.

We make sure that you will have enough signal strength to provide an optimum speed of up to 50Mbps. Signal strength varies depending on the distance between your unit and Wander smart network, obstacles, etc. This is why our technician comes and establishes a line of sight, signal strength, and proper positioning, so you have full Internet Peace of Mind.

Nope. Our setup is easy and free.

Here is the cost breakdown:
$25 per month for the internet.
Free installation ($50 value).
Free router for the first year.
After the first year, router is $3 per month.
No other fees!

We do not provide boosters because our routers already include those, especially the mesh configuration. We provide 1 router for free for the first year.

At Wander, we believe in fearlessly protecting your privacy and security. We set up our equipment so that your router can only talk to our smart network. Hypothetically speaking, if there was a super sophisticated hacker who was so skilled to break through all the different security encryptions and get to your wireless signal somehow, it would trigger Wander network alarm to investigate the problem. At no point would the hacker be able to access your data since encryption occurs at the device, and it cannot be decrypted until it reaches the destination point.

No it does not. 5G refers to the 5th generation of cellular networks. Wander is an in-home internet provider. Wander uses WiFi transmission technology (802.11 protocol) that has been in homes, schools, and businesses for the last 20 years.
Wi-Fi is an unlicensed low-frequency band shared by everything from wireless routers to radio controlled toys. The maximum power we use is 20 dBm in the 5Ghz range, which, according to the FCC, is a range where humans are not susceptible to health risks. In contrast, ultraviolet light frequencies, known to cause skin cancer, operated in the 800,000 GHz to 1,000,000Ghz range.

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Wander installation is noninvasive and unobstructive.

If you live in an apartment, we would first assess the ideal placement of Wander wireless antenna (the size of a cell phone) either next to a window, on the balcony, or the roof; depending on where your unit is in relation to our smart network. This is to establish a line of sight to our smart network so we can beam the internet to your unit through the air. The installation process resembles a dish network installation but with a considerably smaller footprint.

· Wander device is small and unobtrusive, approximately the size of the cell phone.
· Wander setup is noninvasive, and should you decide to cancel the service, we can just as quickly dismantle the setup.

During your appointment, your technician will work with you to find the appropriate location for Wander device, so the connection to the Wander network can be established that’ll enable optimum internet speed delivery to your unit.

Innovative Technology

To make internet robust yet affordable, we’ve redesigned the way internet is delivered to each home.

New Internet On the Block

To make internet robust yet affordable, we’ve redesigned the way internet is delivered to each home. Wander is a smart, multi-directional wireless network that uses blazing-fast fiber and the latest wireless technology to beam internet through the air to each subscriber. Because we deliver your internet through the air, we don’t spend money on digging up the roads and laying miles of cables. New technology allows us to pass along the savings to the consumers and operate on economies of scale.

Smart Network

Wander uses a combination of high-speed fiber and the latest wireless technology to give you the speed and performance you need for a fraction of the cost. Wander Network is operated by powerful proprietary software that constantly monitors, fine-tunes and optimizes reliability and speed.

Connected at the source

Wander is directly connected at the source to all your favorite streaming TV services for seamless watching on all devices. Innovative connection enables speed and performance you can rely on for a fraction of the cost.

You Own Your Internet™

There is only one way internet should work: your way. With Wander Portal you call the shots.

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Wavelink is a specialized wireless antenna that uses POE protocol (Power Over Ethernet) to power up the device and transports Internet service via one standard network cable. Wavelink connects to both existing venting pipes on the roof or against the balcony railing with non-penetration mount. It can also be installed independently on the roof (if required) using a non-penetrative mount. The installation of Wavelink causes no damage to the roof, and the device is discreet (the size of a cell phone).


Homelink is a router inside the home. It receives the internet from Wavelink either via Ethernet cable or wirelessly (depending on the location of the residence). Homelink blankets the residence with high-speed wireless internet. The proprietary software inside of it talks to Wander network to identify and resolve potential connection issues before they occur. It features 3 extra ports on the back for connecting additional devices.