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Your information is yours and we are committed to keeping it that way. We do everything we can to protect your information and keep only the minimum amount of personal information needed to operate your account. We do not record your browsing history and we will never sell your information to anyone.

Not only can they join but YOU get free internet for life if you bring 10 friends or neighbors to Wander! YES for LIFE. Here’s how it works: For every friend you bring to Wander that signs up you get 10% off your bill for every month they are Wander subscribers.

YOU: What if they are still a subscriber 2 years from now?

US: Simple, you still have 10% off your bill 2 years from now for each friend that stays on network.

YOU: So if I have 10 friends who are still using the service 2 years from now that I invited, you are telling me I would have internet for free for those 2 years?!

US: YUP. Oh and for as many years in the future as those friends stay on Wander network.

Click here to start referring your friends and neighbors so you get credit before your other neighbors do!

Most of our customers use Facetime or Whastapp or their cell phone to make their calls while at home.

If you are interested in a dedicated home phone line you can also get a Google Voice number for free and connect it to your cell phone (here’s how).

Wander does not offer paid phone service at this time, however there are paid providers like Ooma, Magic Jack or Vonage that offer home phones that are compatible with Wander.

Wander network is optimized for the modern consumers who loves IoT (internet of things), gaming, streaming TV, music, and all smart things. Any mobile, computer or smart device can connect to the Wander Network as long as its not malicious.

If it can get an IP address then you can have it on your Wander network. (Kudos if you know what an IP address is 😉 Remember, Wander does not monitor, track or sell your data.

YUP. $25 a month gets you high-speed internet on unlimited devices for you to stream and browse to your heart’s content. All taxes and fees included! We even include the router for the first year free, $3 per month after! And you can cancel anytime online.

For some larger homes (greater than 1,000 SF), we recommend a second mesh router that can provide better coverage for your home which we can include for just $6 extra. We can link them together and create a mesh network to provide your home with a best-in-class WiFi experience.

HD? 4K you say? No problem. You like to game? So do we, our service is connected at the source to all of your favorite streaming platforms. Wander can handle all of the binge watching and most intense gaming sessions without data caps or throttling.

You can cancel anytime online. If you are just moving let us know and we can check to see if there is service where your going. TEXT, EMAIL OR CHAT with us to find out.

We are a community driven ISP so everyone counts. The more members in the Wander community the better we are.

Easy, you can text or call us at 323-457-2949 or email us at support@wander.net.

We strive to make our subsribers happy

Helpful, friendly and seriously smart internet experts are passionate about giving you the most enjoyable internet experience ever. So let’s be happy together. Let us know how are we doing and if there is anything we can do better.

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