Installation Approval Form

Congratulations on your decision to sign up for WANDER internet service! We are confident you will be thrilled with WANDER.

Installation of Wander internet service may involve minor modifications to the residence such as drilling holes through the surface of walls in order to run cable and attach equipment securely to the outside of the structure or roof or the boring of holes in walls, floors, and ceilings. Please be advised that in rare circumstances technical issues may still prevent installation of your WANDER system such as a poor line‐of‐sight to the wireless network, or inadequate grounding availability.

If you are leasing your unit, you should review your lease agreement to determine if you have the right to make such modifications or consult with your property manager. Please be advised that landlord approval is often required with multi‐tenant apartment buildings.

By signing this form you are (i) granting WANDER permission to install your new WANDER internet service at , (ii) advising WANDER that the installation has been verbally approved by your landlord or approval is not required pursuant to your lease or rental agreement and (iii) releasing WANDER (including its installers) from any liability related to damages your landlord may claim as a result of an alleged violation of your lease/rental agreement in connection to WANDER installation including an obligation to remove your system after it is installed.



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