Cable Companies Have Hidden Fees You Didn't Know About

Consumer Reports just put out a comprehensive 53 page (!) report on an issue that most of us are aware of but maybe not to the fullest extent of the problem: hidden fees in your TV and internet bills. According to the report, 96% of people “reported having encountered hidden or unexpected fees”. This behavior is rampant, and the costs have been escalating out of control.

So, Why All the Hidden Fees?

The breakdown below helps highlight key areas where these fees tend to show up and demonstrate the true cost of your current services, so you have true transparency in pricing.

The report looked at 800 various bills across the country and here are the key findings:

  • The company imposed fees from Broadcast TV and Regional Sports Fees to Set Top Box Rental fees to add a 24% SURCHARGE on top of the advertised price! →This amounts to $450 a year in extra costs
  • The average cable bill contains more than a dozen line item charges!
  • The average bill was $217! Of that $37 were company-imposed fees and another $15 in various additional fees!

A No-Fee, Low-Cost Solution

At Wander, we believe in transparency in everything we do. Our pricing is simple — $25 / month, no contracts, no hidden fees and you can cancel anytime. We are including a router for free for the first year and $3 / month thereafter. If you want a mesh setup with multiple Wander routers just $3 / month more for each additional one. No other fees ever!

At $28 / month, that leaves you with savings of $189 / month or $2,200 / year! That is a lot of extra cashback in your pocket.

Just as important as affordable transparent pricing, we include information on your data usage each month directly in your Wander Portal so you know how much of the bandwidth you are using.

Wander allows you to take control over your internet bill in a time where hidden fees are everywhere and ever-escalating. Sign up here.

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