Peace of Mind™

High-speed, reliable internet.
No contracts, fully transparent pricing.
Breakthrough customer experience.
Free streaming included.



We are

Wander offers seamless upload and download speed that supports your present and future lifestyle needs including multi-device streaming TV, gaming, moving large volumes of data and connecting an entire smart home system.

"From a user-friendly app where customers can monitor their internet use and resolve performance issues to easy to reach customer service, Wander is keeping customers in mind in every detail."


What  you get

Save $500 per year with Wander

The average monthly internet bill across the U.S is $67. Wander customers pay only $25 per month, saving on average $500 per year.

Super fast speed for all your needs

Wander offers 50 Mbps download and 25 Mbps upload speed for effortless multi-device streaming, gaming, working from home and connecting an entire smart home system.

Super reliable internet

Wander uses a combination of high-speed fiber and latest wireless technology to gives you the speed and performance you need for a fraction of the cost.

Privacy and security you desire

We fearlessly protect your privacy with a secure connection. We don’t store or sell your browsing data, giving you the protection you desire.

Easy to setup

Wander setup is super easy and takes less than an hour. No more losing a whole day waiting on installation.

100% Local Tech Support

Helpful, friendly and seriously smart internet experts are passionate about giving you the best internet service possible. They are always a click or phone call away if you need them, 24/7.

What People Say

How Wander Internet Works


Monthly or annual subscriptions available. Same, low price. No contracts or bundles.


Schedule a setup when it works for you. We can get you up and running within an hour. Yes, setup is free.


Boom! You're online. Enjoy your internet peace of mind.

Refer & Earn

Each time someone you refer joins Wander network; you’ll get 10% off your bill. Ten friends can get you free internet*.


Wander is different than any other internet provider.
Wander offers the best internet service, not just fast speed.


speed up to 50 Mbps

Speed for All Your Streaming Needs
Unrestricted, No Caps
Not an introductory price
No contract or hidden fees
privacy & security
100% local tech support
easy to cancel


avg. speed up to 100 Mbps

$67/month (avg.)
Speed for All Your Streaming Needs
Restricted, Data Caps
Price goes up after 12 months
Contract, hidden fees
Data Collected & Tracked
subpar support
penalty charges for cancellation

Innovative technology

To make internet robust yet affordable, we’ve redesigned the way internet is delivered to each home.

Fiber fast

Wander is a smart, multi-directional wireless network that uses blazing-fast fiber and the latest wireless technology to beam internet through the air to each subscriber.

Connected at the source

Wander is directly connected at the source to all your favorite streaming TV services for seamless watching on all your devices.

Smart Network

Wander Network is operated by powerful proprietary software that constantly monitors, fine-tunes and optimizes reliability and speed.


with friends


10% Off With Every Friend

Friends don't let friends pay high internet bills.

Friends don't let friends pay high internet bills

Earn 10% off when each friend you refer connects to Wander network using your personal code*. Share the benefits of switching to Internet Peace of Mind and help change internet together. When ten friends switch to Wander, you get free internet. Terms and Conditions apply.


Wander Availability

We are quickly expanding across neighborhoods in Southern California based on high user demand.

Santa Monica

San Fernando Valley

  • Launching
  • Soon

West Los Angeles

Demand better internet in your neighborhood.

So what's the catch?

There isn’t one. For real. No contracts, or hidden fees, and no gimmicks. Still not convinced? Read on.

Wander delivers unrestricted broadband at 50 megabits per second (Mbps), which is more speed than subscribers need to power connected homes and families today and into the future. The average household consumed less than 5 Mbps during peak hours of the day in 2017 and is expected to still consume less than 15 Mbps during peak hours by 2022. Traditional ISPs market internet speeds at 250, 500 or even 1,000 Mbps with the promise of higher video quality streaming, however a recent Princeton study of over 200,000 video sessions showed “the speeds that consumers purchase from their ISPs have considerably diminishing returns with respect to video quality”.

After you subscribe, you’ll have an option to schedule your Wander internet setup. After the setup has been completed you’ll be able to go online. Setups are typically around 1 hour long. 

No way, in fact it’s a complete opposite. You can cancel anytime by call or email (support@wander.net ; 323-457-2949). You will just need to return the Wi-Fi router(s) within 21 days. We are happy to schedule a pickup or have you drop it at our offices. 

Nope. Our setup is easy and free.

Here is the cost breakdown:
$25 per month for the internet.
Free installation ($50 value).
Free router for the first year.
After the first year, router is $3 per month.
No other fees!

Well, when you get Internet Peace of Mind, you’ll never have to think about your internet again. Which is good because with traditional ISPs you’re always thinking about how unreliable and expensive internet has become. And you’ll say goodbye to sketchy bundles, endless buffering and speed throttling. And you’ll have full privacy and security to Wander Freely anywhere on the web. And you’ll know exactly how your internet is performing. Plus you’ll save up to $500 per year. Now that is Internet Peace of Mind.

We don’t think so but feel free to check our customer reviews on Nextdoor, Yelp, or other social media channels. Like the rest of us, you’ve been conditioned by big ISPs to pay high internet costs for subpar service and speeds you can never use. We can fix that.

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Own or Manage An Apartment Building?

Let's work together!

You’re providing the best home for your tenants. We are providing the most affordable high speed internet. We’d love to work with you. Apartment building owners and managers partner with Wander to bring Internet Peace of Mind to tenants. They also earn revenue for every subscriber with no upfront investment.