Introducing a powerful FREE streaming platform. Watch free movies, TV shows, and news all curated and personalized for you. No credit card required. 

Avoid browsing fatigue.

Curated shows and movies just for you.


Included in Wander Streaming Hub:

Immerse yourself in the best content

Wander is your hub for everything streaming that allows you to control and customize your entire experience.

Like or dislike

Swipe right to like and left to dislike. Our algorithm will remember your preference and feed you the content you prefer to see.

Create a playlist

Categorize content as you scroll through by unique watchlists based on mood or time of week to watch later.

Add other services

Wander plays nicely with all your favorite streaming services. Add them to Wander streaming hub to watch all in one place. 

Filter by genres

Filter by genres such as comedy, triller, horror then see a personalized selection popup.

Something For Everyone

The Latest News

Breaking news at your fingertips to keep you informed.

Movies & TV Shows

Watch thousands of shows and movies anytime, anywhere.


Keep the kids entertained with educational shows and cartoons.


No fees, equipment rentals or installation appointments. Just sign-in and stream.

It is your personalized hub for everything streaming. It was designed by Wander Internet team and comes free with Wander registration.

We initially launched Wander Streaming Hub to help our customers get a feel of what it’s like to cut-the-cord, to cancel a cable or satellite subscription, and stream TV shows and movies online. Since then, Wander Streaming Hub has grown in popularity and got many more awesome features such as swipe, integrating other streaming platforms, filters, and playlists. Wander Streaming Hub is currently free and available to anyone who loves great content.

It is currently available to California residents and Wander Internet customers.

If you live in California you can register for Wander Streaming with just your email. 

Yes, you can add all of your favorite streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, etc. on Wander Streaming and watch all content in one place.

Subscription to Wander Internet is not required to enjoy Wander Streaming. Just register with your email, click and watch. 


Watch hundreds of movies, TV shows and the news for FREE! No setup, no equipment and no credit card required.

In the news

“Wander’s new streaming portal is a timely solution to providing people with free access to content and helps them navigate overwhelming paid subscription options,” said Nick van Dyk, Advisor to Wander and formerly a senior executive with Activision and Disney.

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ISP Wander Launches Free Platform to Curate Content From Various Streaming Apps All in One Place

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